Wicked Wedding Night is the second episode of Series 1 of Death in Paradise.

As DI Richard Poole desperately searches for a decent cup of tea, a bride is murdered on her wedding day. It is a tragedy DS Camille Bordey cannot help but notice, whilst Richard is more interested in housekeeping signs... But who would kill a bride on her wedding day? Could it really be one of her family?

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After being stuck on Saint Marie, Detective Inspector Richard Poole investigates the murder of a bride on her wedding day. Teaming up with Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey, he tries to crack the case and soon realises the murderer might have been someone within the wedding party. Meanwhile, the team meet Catherine Bordey, the owner of Catherine's Bar and the mother of DS Camille Bordey.

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The bride of Darren Moore was found dead after being impaled in the stomach by a spear gun. Richard and Camille who were nearby where the accident took place rushed to the hotel to see what was the matter. He couldn't make sense of why Lisa Watson was murdered on her wedding night until the killer makes a mistake of murdering the hotel maid Margaret. Upon discovering her body Richard soon realises who the killer is.

It is revealed Lisa was never the intended victim as the hotel butler William was trying to murder Margaret. Upon opening the hotel room he thought that she would be standing there, but she wasn't. Blinded by the Caribbean light William couldn't see so he just shot the spear gun. Hoping to kill Margaret he accidentally kills Lisa. Still out for revenge William murders Margaret when she is cleaning a room. He was obsessed with her but she wasn't with him. William knew that she used the hotel rooms for sexual purposes so after he found out about all the men she slept with William murdered Margaret.

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  • The Tide Is High performed by Blondie
  • Come Down performed by Lord Tanamo
  • The Big Boss of Dubs performed by Tommy McCook and The Aggrovators
  • Ou lé performed by Kassav'
  • The Liquidator performed by Harry J Allstars
  • Boom Shacka Lacka performed by Hopetown Lewis
  • Soukous Star performed by DJ Zidane
  • The Return Of The Los Palmas 7 performed by Madness

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