Victoria Baker appears in 6:1 Erupting in Murder. She is portrayed by Natasha Little.


Victoria Baker has a successful academic career, including a professorship from the Munich Institute of Physics and Technology. She is a member of the science team studying Mount Esmee on Saint Marie as part of the Saint Marie Volcano Observatory.

Victoria helped Stephen Langham to author an academic paper, and convinced him to allow her to publish it with sole credit. She also began sleeping with him. When Mayor Joseph Richards was unable to convince Stephen to sign planning permission moving the volcano exclusion zone to allow him to built a hotel on a nearby beach, he offered Victoria 4 million East Caribbean Dollars to change his mind. When she could not, Victoria planned Stephen's murder.

Enlisting his brother, Daniel (who was a drug user and needed the money to fund his habit) and Emer Byrne (who was posing as her friend Megan Colley since she had failed her degree), they asphyxiated Stephen using carbon dioxide, then moved his body onto the volcano. It was staged to look like natural causes due to Stephen's previous heart attack.