The Shack is a building on the coast, where the resident Detective Inspector lives. In 1:1 Arriving in Paradise, Richard Poole is shocked to discover that the building will become his permanent residence, following the murder of Charlie Hulme. In 3:1 Death of a Detective, Humphrey Goodman has almost exactly the same experience. In 6:6 Man Overboard - Part Two, Jack Mooney and his daughter Siobhan have a more pleasant arrival, staying in the shack for what they originally think will be a short holiday.

The shack consists of a main room, which includes a large bed, desk, chair, small kitchen area plus a small corner partitioned off as a bathroom/shower. In 6:7 In the Footsteps of a Killer, another room is revealed at one of the back corners, where Mooney installs a bed, claiming that his back isn't built for the hammock outside.

There is a phone, complete with answerphone, and a wifi connection.

There is a veranda on the front, with two doors opening onto it. The view looks out onto the beach.

There does not appear to be a main road leading to the shack, with vehicles parking on the sand outside.

There is a small boat on the shore, named Roast Beef.

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