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BBC Press Release

Surf school owner, Jake Peters, is mysteriously found shot dead in his workshop. With Jake’s chain and watch missing, on first inspection the scene appears to be a robbery gone wrong. However, with the door locked from the inside and no other way in, Humphrey believes that there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Fingers start to point at those staying at Sandy Cove surf school: its three pupils Jess Chambers, Steve Taylor and Charlie Beckett, who are each on the island with their own agenda. Humphrey and the team dive into the investigation and immerse themselves in the surfing world. However, with grieving wife, Katie Peters, and best friend, Karl Slater, also harbouring dark secrets, will the team be able to uncover the truth?

Meanwhile, Humphrey continues to struggle with his emotions for Camille and decides to take matters into his own hands when he is faced with competition for her affections in the form of her surfer ex-lover, Nicky. Will Humph manage to catch a wave?[1]

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