She said she had a new chapter for her thesis, which posited that I wasn't the author. I think a part of her was still hoping that I would prove her wrong.
―Sylvie Baptiste, The Secret Of The Flame Tree.

Sylvie Baptiste appears in 6:2 The Secret of the Flame Tree. She is portrayed by Angela Wynter.


Sylvie Baptiste is a Saint Marie-born novelist and acclaimed writer of The Flame Tree. However, she is not the true author of the work. Her sister, Lizzie wrote the novel, but forgot about it owing to a mental breakdown. Sylvie claimed the work as her own. Sylvie lived a live of luxury and fame, but was often drunk and relied on her assistant, Patricia Lawrence, for many things including forging her signature on pre-signed copies of The Flame Tree.

A PhD student named Esther Monroe uncovered the truth while studying The Flame Tree for her thesis. While on Saint Marie for a literary festival at the Malbonne Estate, Esther confronted Sylvie with her findings and asked if Sylvie had any original notes or drafts to prove it was her work. When Sylvie could not, Esther planned to publish her thesis and claim that the book was her sister's.

Sylvie got Patricia to steal Lizzie's laptop to stop the new chapter being published. However, not wanting to lose her livelihood, Patricia also arranged to kill Esther to prevent the secret from becoming public.