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Officer Ruby Patterson appears in 15 episodes of Death in Paradise (8:2 Murder Most Animal until 9:8 Now You See Him, Now You Don't).

She joined the Honoré Police Station after Officer Dwayne Myers left the team. She is Commissioner Patterson's niece.

Fresh out of police college, she is eager to start her career as the newest member of Saint Marie’s esteemed police force. But being only twenty-six years old, she has a lot to learn.

Ruby is no shrinking violet. Her innate ability to get on with everyone means that she is a natural fit for a police officer. It’s just that wherever Ruby goes, chaos follows. Things like deadlines, punctuality and general tidiness aren’t her priorities in life, which can be a little infuriating for everyone around her. But despite her flaws, Ruby’s cheerful, easy-going attitude always makes her fun to be around.

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