Dr Oliver Wolf appears in 6:2 The Secret of the Flame Tree. He is portrayed by Ramon Tikaram.


Oliver Wolf was a rising academic, and married to Anna. However, her career was on the rise, and he sacrificed his own career for her. He would wash the dishes, do the laundry and care for her while she worked. In return, Anna allowed Oliver to have discrete extra-marital affairs.

One target of Oliver's was Esther Monroe, one of Anna's students. Anna had been clear about the terms of their arrangement. The women had to be unknown to Anna, and students were off-limits. Oliver was drunk and cornered Esther in his office. The next day, she began the process of filing sexual harassment charges against him.

On Saint Marie, Esther was murdered during a literary festival. Due to the upcoming charges, Oliver was regarded as a suspect. However, he had been in full view of a hundred people at the time of the murder. Eventually, DI Humphrey Goodman proved that Patricia Lawrence had committed the murder.