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I thought going home was what I wanted, but then I drank rum and danced on a beach.

Neville Parker

Detective Inspector Neville Parker took over from Detective Inspector Jack Mooney on a temporary basis, then was deemed too ill to fly home and when the time finally came he decided he wanted to do something with his life and stay on Saint-Marie.

Like all previous DIs, Neville has an incredible proficiency for solving crime. However, unlike his predecessors, Neville records his findings on a tape recorder and can often be seen playing back the recordings to assist his cases. He is not very outgoing or extroverted at first due to his allergies and feeling out of place, but has since opened up upon spending more time on Saint Marie.

Neville Parker is branded as allergic to everything and sensitive to everything. This includes the sun, mosquitos, bugs in general, sand, and at a time he believed it was Harry causing him to flare up and tried to get rid of him but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He has also spent time in the hospital for his allergies.


Commissioner Selwyn Patterson has not yet warmed up to DI Parker. That is not surprising as Parker mistook Selwyn as his taxi driver in his first episode and since then has been generally disliked by the Commissioner. However he was liked to a degree by Detective Sergeant Madeline Dumas and well liked by Officers JP Hooper and Ruby Patterson as well as Trainee Officer Marlon Pryce.

Over the course of his tenure he has developed feelings for Detective Sergeant Florence Cassell. It is unknown if she reciprocates his feelings but she does enjoy his company and they often spend time outside of work together. Neville has helped her with her grief over the death of her fiancé Patrice Campbell. He made his move to confess to Florence with the encouragement of Catherine Bordey in 10.8 but it is as of now unconfirmed if he went through with it.