Detective Sergeant Madeleine Dumas appears in 10 episodes of Death in Paradise (8:8 Murder on the Airwaves until 9:8 Now You See Him, Now You Don't).

She was born, raised and has lived most of her life in Paris – the finest city in the world as far as she’s concerned. Her cool city upbringing has meant she learnt to dress well and ooze surface sophistication. The survival of the fittest mentality has been drilled into Madeleine from a young age and thinks that being the sharpest and best prepared is the route to success. She appears to take everything in her stride but underneath she is on a constant mission to self-improve and is actually quite hard on herself.

Saint Marie has exposed Madeleine to a team and community that is full of all the qualities she’s avoided - warmth, empathy, inclusivity, friendship and support. Sometimes it freaks her out but maybe in time she will start to understand there are alternative ways of achieving contentment.

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