Lizzie Baptiste appears in the 6:2 The Secret of the Flame Tree. She is portrayed by Caroline Lee-Johnson.


Elizabeth Catherine "Lizzie" Baptiste is the sister of Sylvie Baptiste. Born at St Margaret Hospital in Honoré on 20th June 1954, she wrote poetry and the novel The Flame Tree. However, she suffered a mental breakdown and was hospitalised. Lizzie forgot that she had wrote anything, and her sister claimed her novel as her own work. When Lizzie recovered enough to leave hospital, Sylvie looked after her, letting her live in a bungalow on the Malbonne Estate.

Years later, a young woman named Esther Monroe visited her along with Sylvie's assistant, Patricia Lawrence, claiming that she had written the book. Lizzie did not remember, but Esther hoped that by reading the book at the clifftop featured in the story, it would jog her memory. They arranged to meet during the festival.

Patricia later told Lizzie the meeting was cancelled, as she intended to use the meeting to kill Esther to prevent the truth about The Flame Tree from being made public. Lizzie was later questioned by police officers JP Hooper and Dwayne Myers. Due to her presence near the crime scene and the proposed meeting, she was briefly considered as a suspect before DI Humphrey Goodman proved Patricia was the murderer.