Series Episodes Originally broadcast DVD release date Ave. UK Viewers [1] / [2]
Series premiere Series finale Region 2
(UK version)
Region 1
1 8 25 October 2011 13 December 2011 8 October 2012 17 June 2014 5.89 million
2 8 8 January 2013 26 February 2013 4 March 2013 16 September 2014 7.67 million
3 8 14 January 2014 4 March 2014 10 March 2014 6 October 2015 8.46 million
4 8 8 January 2015 26 February 2015 2 March 2015 5 July 2016 8.61 / 9.03 million
5 8 7 January 2016 25 February 2016 29 February 2016 13 December 2016 8.08 / 8.67 million
6 8 5 January 2017 23 February 2017 27 February 2017 12 December 2017 8.49 / 9.12 million
7 8 4 January 2018 22 February 2018 26 February 2018 TBA TBA


UK Viewers all episodes s1-s6

UK viewers per episode (million)[3]

Series 1

# Title Director Writer Air Date
1 Arriving in Paradise[4] Charles Palmer Robert Thorogood 25 October 2011
When a British policeman is found murdered in a locked room on the tiny paradise island of Sainte-Marie, Detective Inspector Richard Poole is sent to investigate. He's the perfect man to solve the case. Unfortunately for Richard, he hates sun, sea and sand...
2 Wicked Wedding Night Roger Goldby Robert Thorogood 1 November 2011
As DI Richard Poole desperately searches for a decent cup of tea, a bride is murdered on her wedding day. It is a tragedy DS Camille Bordey cannot help but notice, whilst Richard is more interested in housekeeping signs... But who would kill a bride on her wedding day? Could it really be one of her family?
3 Predicting Murder Charles Palmer Robert Thorogood 8 November 2011
When a woman not only predicts her own murder but also gives a description of the murderer, it all feels too easy for DI Richard Poole. Can a case from the past help solve the present day murder? And more importantly, can Richard convince the team that it has nothing to do with voodoo spirits?
4 Missing a Body? Roger Goldby James Payne 15 November 2011
A confession of murder proves problematic for DI Richard Poole and the team when a wife admits to killing her husband but the body is nowhere to be found. Can Richard solve the mystery? And could his feelings be clouding his judgment?
5 Spot the Difference Alfred Lot Harry Holmes 22 November 2011
A murder investigation becomes more than personal for Richard when the victim is murdered while handcuffed to him. With his job on the line, he needs all his British rigour and stoutest brogues to get to the heart of the Paradise Beach mystery.
6 An Unhelpful Aid Alfred Lot Robert Thorogood 29 November 2011
With Richard struck down by a tropical disease and Camille in Paris, it is left to Dwayne and Fidel to solve the apparently impossible murder of a local diver. As if their job isn't tough enough, they also have to contend with holidaying British cop DS Angela Young, who proves to be even more annoying than Richard.
7 Music of Murder Paul Harrison Jack Lothian 6 December 2011
Richard sees the dark side of show business when a comeback concert ends in the most public of murders. If sun, sea and sand were not bad enough, he now has to conquer his fear of snakes to find the elusive killer.
8 Amongst Us Paul Harrison Robert Thorogood 13 December 2011
Dwayne ends up embroiled in a murder investigation when a piece of incriminating evidence is found at the scene of the crime. Can Richard solve the case and meet a deadline that means he will finally get what he wants - a return home?

Series 2

# Title Director Writer Air Date
1 Murder on the Plantation Keith Boak Delinda Jacobs 8 January 2013
DI Richard Poole struggles to muster that loving feeling for the local voodoo festival celebrating romance and friendship. However, an understanding of the nature of love, friendship and the ties that bind, proves vital in solving a mysterious murder at a local sugar plantation.
2 An Unholy Death Alrick Riley Colin Bytheway 15 January 2013
DI Richard Poole is perplexed by a fatal fire at the island convent. Will he and his team manage to unravel the many mysteries at the heart of this seemingly-impossible murder? And will DS Bordey get to the root of the inspector's nun phobia?
3 Death in the Clinic David O'Neill Dan Sefton 22 January 2013
DI Richard Poole and his colleagues are baffled by an apparent suicide at an exclusive plastic surgery clinic. Richard is determined to prove that Valerie Dupree was murdered, but with a lack of evidence, and motive, will he and his team be able to find the culprit before they're out of time?
4 A Deadly Curse Alrick Riley Robert Thorogood 29 January 2013
Camille attempts to persuade Richard to take an interest in the history and folklore of Saint Marie. Richard remains focused on work, but can an ancient legend help him and the team explain a mysterious double murder and a series of strange happenings in the tropical jungle?
5 Murder Onboard Keith Boak Jack Lothian 5 February 2013
The pressure is on for DI Richard Poole and his team to solve an audacious murder carried out in the presence of DS Bordey on a Caribbean party boat. Emotions are running high - can the inspector crack the case? And will he manage to make an emotional gesture to comfort his grieving friend?
6 A Dash of Sunshine Alrick Riley Colin Bytheway 12 February 2013
There is an unwelcome blast from the past for DI Richard Poole when a former colleague turns up in Saint Marie. Will an extra detective on the Caribbean island prove to be a help to Richard and the team as they try to explain a seemingly random killing, or a hindrance?
7 A Stormy Occurrence David O'Neill James Payne 19 February 2013
A storm is brewing as a hurricane heads for Saint Marie. Is the storm to blame for a death at the university, or is something more sinister afoot? DI Richard Poole learns that he cannot fight the weather but, with DS Bordey and the team, will he manage to stop a murderer in their tracks?
8 A Deadly Party Alrick Reily Robert Thorogood 26 February 2013
When a philanthropist is murdered in broad daylight at a charity fundraiser, DI Poole and his colleagues find themselves up against a daring and elusive opponent. Can the team catch the killer before the trail goes cold, or will this be the case that defeats Richard and sends him back to the UK?

Series 3

# Title Director Writer Air Date
1 Death of a Detective Cilla Ware Robert Thorogood 14 January 2014
A university reunion party that DI Richard Poole is attending is brought to an abrupt halt when one of the group is murdered with an ice pick. With the case proving particularly sensitive, a new British detective, DI Humphrey Goodman, arrives on the island to help the team get to the bottom of the mysterious case. As the station's newest recruit with his own set of methods, will Humphrey be able to adjust to his new team and surroundings?
2 The Wrong Man Cilla Ware Daisy Coulam 21 January 2014
When DI Humphrey Goodman and his team are called to investigate a murder on a film set, they are left baffled when they realise the wrong person has been killed. The team have to work fast to solve the case before the murderer strikes again.
3 An Artistic Murder Dusan Lazaveric Paul Logue 28 January 2014
The murder of a local gigolo brings DI Goodman and his team into contact with the social elite of Saint Marie. The case proves particularly hard-hitting for Fidel, as the death of his old school friend forces him to face up to some past mistakes.
4 Ye of Little Faith Dusan Lazaveric Ian Kershaw 4 February 2014
DI Goodman and his team are introduced to the jet-setting world of airline pilots and cabin crew when an air stewardess is discovered poisoned in her hotel bedroom. Will Humphrey and his team manage to unravel the mysteries at the heart of this seemingly impossible murder?
5 Political Suicide Robert Quinn Robert Thorogood 11 February 2014
DI Goodman and his team are drawn into the world of politics when Saint-Marie's commerce minister is discovered dead. Out of the blue, Camille's father turns out to have a link to the victim, and she is forced to confront the fact that her dad could be the murderer.
6 The Early Bird Robert Quinn JC Wilsher and Simon Winstone 18 February 2014
When a birdwatcher is discovered murdered in the Saint-Marie jungle, the team have a particularly puzzling conundrum to solve. Is the traditionally quiet and calm world of birdwatching more cut-throat than it appears?
7 The Man With the Golden Gun Richard Signy Jack Lothian 25 February 2014
A murder on a privately-owned island means DI Goodman and the team are cut off from the mainland when a storm comes in. As night descends and the team find themselves locked in a house with a killer, can they solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again?
8 Rue Morgue Richard Signy Robert Thorogood 4 March 2014
When an elderly resident at a retirement home appears to have committed suicide, the team are on a mission to prove it was murder. Humphrey is surprised when his wife pays an unexpected visit to the island and suggests they give their marriage a second chance.

Series 4

# Title Director Writer Air Date
1 Stab in the Dark Richard Signy Robert Thorogood 8 January 2015
When the owner of a rum distillery is murdered during a seance, all the clues point to the prime suspect being a ghost. With DI Humphrey Goodman and his team a man down, Commissioner Selwyn steps in to help them look for a more earth-bound killer.
2 Hidden Secrets Richard Signy Simon Winstone 15 January 2015
The team enters the world of surfing when DI Goodman is convinced that there's more to the murder of a surf instructor than meets the eye. Dwayne works hard to impress the new sergeant.
3 Damned If You Do... David O'Neill Tom Higgins 22 January 2015
A death in the Saint Marie Heritage Society suggests that this cosy group could be less amicable than it seems. DI Goodman tries to stay focused on the job while wrestling with his feelings for Camille.
4 Until Death Do You Part David O'Neill Rebecca Wojciechowski 29 January 2015
When a bride-to-be is killed on the last night of her hen party, DI Goodman tries to unravel a seemingly impossible murder. Meanwhile Camille has a big decision to make.
5 Swimming in Murder Paul Murphy Ian Kershaw 5 February 2015
The team is introduced to the crazy world of rock and roll when the lead singer of a band is murdered on Saint Marie. Can DI Goodman keep control of the unruly suspects for long enough to solve the crime?
6 The Perfect Murder Paul Murphy Mark Brotherhood 12 February 2015
As Saint Marie celebrates getting through to the finals of the Inter-Island Volleyball Championships, DI Goodman and the team are under pressure to solve the murder of a player, while Commissioner Selwyn squares up to an old nemesis.
7 She Was Murdered Twice Richard Signy Dana Fainaru 19 February 2015
DI Goodman is embroiled in the cut-throat world of corporate team building when an entrepreneur is killed, but a surprise revelation from one of the suspects threatens to derail the investigation.
8 Unlike Father, Unlike Son Richard Signy Matthew Barry 26 February 2015
When a prisoner is killed in their custody, DI Goodman and the team are under pressure to solve the case quickly. Humphrey's father visits Saint Marie intent on meddling in his son's life.

Series 5

# Title Director Writer Air Date
1 The Complex Murder Edward Bennett Robert Thorogood 7 January 2016
DI Goodman and his team are tested when a millionaire philanthropist is murdered on his boat, and the only suspects were all underwater at the time. Meanwhile, DI Goodman's new hobby raises a few eyebrows...
2 One for the Road Edward Bennett Dan Muirden 14 January 2016
The team enter the shady world of island politics when the outgoing governor of Saint Marie is poisoned at her leaving party. Meanwhile, DI Goodman dives into the even murkier world of online dating.
3 Posing in Murder Audrey Cooke Tom Higgins 21 January 2016
DI Goodman finds himself embroiled in the highly strung world of modelling when a young star is strangled in the middle of a fashion show. JP bumps into an old flame.
4 A Personal Murder Audrey Cooke Emma Goodwin 28 January 2016
The team must solve a deeply personal case when Dwayne's old mentor is found dead and a text message from beyond the grave says it was murder. DI Goodman tries to unleash his inner gourmand.
5 Lost Identity Roger Simonsz Robert Thorogood 4 February 2016
DI Goodman's aunt Mary comes to visit him, but things take an unexpected turn when she becomes the only witness to the murder of a tourist. Some unorthodox advice on love from Dwayne leaves JP in a spin.
6 Dishing Up Murder Roger Simonsz Dana Fainaru 11 February 2016
The team enter the high-pressure world of fine dining when a well-known chef is murdered in his own restaurant. Florence has one final lesson on love for DI Goodman and Dwayne gets a chance to repay an old debt.
7 The Blood Red Sea Richard Signy Will Fisher 18 February 2016
When a marine salvage hunter is killed, the evidence seems to point to one man. It would be an open-and-shut case for the team if it wasn't for the suspect's solid alibi. Meanwhile, it is JP's stag do - and with Dwayne as best man, what could possibly go wrong?
8 Flames of Love Richard Signy Matthew Barry 25 February 2016
The team is faced with an impossible murder when a young backpacker is shot inside a sealed room. DI Goodman has a date, plus it is the day of JP's wedding - but will he make it to the altar?

Series 6

# Title Director Writer Air Date
1 Erupting in Murder Claire Winyard Dana Fainaru 5 January 2017
The death of a scientist on the side of a live volcano proves a difficult case to crack for Humphrey and his team when everything appears to point to a death from natural causes.
2 The Secret of the Flame Tree Jermain Julien Kelly Jones 12 January 2017
Florence finds herself emotionally involved in a case when a former schoolmate is found dead at the foot of a cliff.
3 The Impossible Murder Claire Winyard Alex Walker 19 January 2017
Humphrey and Martha's romantic weekend at the remote Hotel Cecile is disrupted by the murder of the hotel owner on the first night of their stay.
4 Stumped in Murder Jermain Julien Dan Muirden 26 January 2017
The president of the Saint Marie cricket club is found shot dead in the middle of the team's ground. As the sun rises over the island, suspicion falls on his teammates.
5 Man Overboard - Part One Richard Signy Robert Thorogood 2 February 2017
A murder investigation propels the team to London in pursuit of their suspects.
6 Man Overboard - Part Two Richard Signy Robert Thorogood 9 February 2017
The team race against the clock in London to solve two murders, after their prime suspect is found dead. Meanwhile, Dwayne has an emotional encounter and Humphrey finds that some advice from an unexpected source helps him come to a big decision.
7 In the Footsteps of a Killer Richard Signy Dana Fainaru 16 February 2017
When a tourist claims to alibi a woman convicted for murder seven years ago, the team are forced to reopen the case.
8 Murder in the Polls Simon Delaney Will Fisher 23 February 2017
Saint Marie's mayoral elections are thrown into disarray when one of the candidates is stabbed in his polling booth whilst casting his vote.

Series 7

# Title Director Writer Air Date
1 Murder from Above Jonathan Gershfield Robert Thorogood 4 January 2018
DI Mooney and his team are tested when a hotel billionaire's fiancee falls from a balcony the day before her lavish wedding and everything points to suicide... except for the fact that the victim only painted one fingernail.
2 The Stakes are High Stewart Svaasand Jake Riddell 11 January 2018
DI Mooney and the team enter the high-stakes world of poker when a finalist is poisoned during the Caribbean Poker Masters tournament. The only suspects are sat round the table. When even a twitch of an eye can reveal a player's hand, just how did the killer commit murder?
3 Written in Murder Jonathan Gershfield Justin Young 18 January 2018
When famous thriller author Frank O'Toole is found stabbed through the heart in the middle of the ocean, Jack and his team are baffled. But as the spotlight turns on Frank's closest friends and family and secrets are exposed, Jack uncovers a murder plot worthy of one of his novels...
4 The Healer Stewart Svaasand Tom Higgins 25 January 2018
Jack and the team find themselves embroiled in the mysterious world of faith healing when a woman is poisoned during a ceremony and all evidence points to the arrogant healer himself.
5 Murder on the Day of the Dead Ian Barnes Robert Thorogood 1 February 2018
The island's Day of the Dead celebrations are cut short by a woman's death. DI Mooney and the team must navigate the waters of the elitist Yacht Club to catch the killer.
6 Meditated in Murder Ian Barnes Damian Wayling 8 February 2018
The leader of a spiritual retreat is strangled and Jack and his team are baffled by the fact that all their suspects were in a meditation circle at the time of the murder.
7 Dark Memories Sarah Walker James Hall 15 February 2018
Long-buried memories are raked up for JP when someone from his past is caught red-handed at a murder scene and Jack must unravel a complex mystery to find the truth.
8 Melodies of Murder Sarah Walker Will Fisher 22 February 2018
When the lead guitarist of a popular reggae band is murdered, Jack and his team must crack a cold case that has haunted the commissioner for years.

Series 8

Series 8 was commissioned in February 2018 and is expected to be broadcast in January 2019.

Series 9

Series 8 was commissioned in February 2019 and is expected to be broadcast in January 2020.

Series 10

Series 8 was commissioned in February 2019 and is expected to be broadcast in January 2021.

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