...to cut a long story short...
―Jack Mooney
Discretion, tact and dignity are my middle names. I mean, not really. It's actually Fintan. After the little-known St Fintan. You don't need to know that.
―Jack Mooney

Detective Inspector Jack Mooney appears in Death in Paradise since the fifth episode of Series 6.

Jack originally worked for the Metropolitan Police in London until he worked on a case with the team of Honoré Police Station (6:5 Man Overboard - Part One). Humphrey Goodman invited him and his daughter Siobhan to use his shack on the island while he stayed in London with Martha. Jack's wife died only a month ago so Humphrey thought he and Siobhan might want a break.

When a tourist provided an alibi for a woman convicted of murder eight years ago (6:7 In the Footsteps of a Killer), the team were forced to reopen the case. Florence asked Jack to help with the case. Jack ultimately solved the case with the help of the team.

Siobhan and Jack

When Commissioner Selwyn Patterson asked Jack to stay as the permanent Chief of Honoré Police, he knew the only person that could make that choice for him was his daughter Siobhan. After he has solved the murder of a local mayoral candidate and cleared Catherine's name (6:8 Murder in the Polls), Siobhan gave Jack her blessing and he took up the permanent position as Detective Inspector on Saint Marie.

Jack's technique is to relax people and put them off their guard by telling anecdotes about his seemingly large family. He is also fond of the casual questioning technique, for example flicking through a blank notebook seemingly in search of a small piece of information before asking the killer question.

Jack has a sweet tooth, and is often seen sneaking a sweet, or taking out a packet of tic-tac mints to toss one into his mouth.

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