In the Footsteps of a Killer is the seventh episode of Series 6 of Death in Paradise.

When a tourist claims to alibi a woman convicted for murder seven years ago, the team are forced to reopen the case.

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Detective Inspector Jack Mooney and his daughter, Siobhan, are staying at the shack for a holiday, when in absence of Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman Jack is asked to help out with an investigation. A man has turned up at the police station claiming that a woman convicted of a murder on the island eight years ago couldn't have been guilty because she was with him at the time. He left the island straight afterwards and wasn't aware of the court case until his return. Sadly, the woman convicted died in prison a couple of years later. Jack and the team review the evidence from the original case, which dates back to Detective Inspector Charlie Hulme's time, and discover that the elimination of the woman convicted leaves four possible suspects, all of whom have motive and all of whom have alibis.

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