I look cool on bikes.
―Dwayne Myers

SMPF Officer-WC-2.png

Officer Dwayne Myers appears from 1:1 Arriving in Paradise to 7:8 Melodies of Murder. He was the longest serving police officer at Honoré Police Station. He is played by Danny John-Jules.


The older member of the original team, he nevertheless appears fairly comfortable in his role as a junior, showing a dedication to his work and a willingness to learn from Poole and Camille's own raw investigative skills, generally serving as the team driver and point man when called in to investigate cases. Dwayne cultivates his image as a more laid back officer e.g. working through the night to aid Fidel in fingerprinting work, but allowing Fidel to take all the credit. John-Jules has acknowledged the character's naming similarity with his Duane Dibbley character from Red Dwarf. Dwayne’s been around a while and seen a lot of things. As a result, there’s no one better to help the team with insider knowledge of the local island community. Dwayne knows the island of Saint-Marie better than anyone. He is connected to everywhere and everyone – and if you ever need anything, he’s the man to get it. His detection methods are a little dubious and sometimes his means to solving a crime are questionable. However, he does draw the line at out-and-out criminality — or so the rest of the team hope. He may be the maverick on the team, but they wouldn’t be the same without him.

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