Death in the Clinic is the third episode of Series 2 of Death in Paradise.

DI Richard Poole and his colleagues are baffled by an apparent suicide at an exclusive plastic surgery clinic. Richard is determined to prove that Valerie Dupree was murdered, but with a lack of evidence, and motive, will he and his team be able to find the culprit before they're out of time?

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Valerie Dupree is discovered floating in the pool of a luxury cosmetics clinic, giving Detective Inspector Richard Poole and his team a complex case. Everything points to suicide; Dupree was experiencing a difficult divorce and an empty pill bottle is found in her room. But the victim had made herself a cup of the world's most expensive tea (Da Hong Pao) and only drank half of it. To Richard, it points to murder and a number of rich suspects.

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  • I'm Free performed by Jimmy Cliff
  • Street Corner performed by The Skatalites
  • Gaia performed by The Bees
  • Smiling performed by Don Drummond and The Skatalites
  • Penny Reel-o performed by Eric "Monty" Morris

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