Daniel Langham appears in 6:1 Erupting in Murder. He is protrayed by Douglas Hodge.


Daniel Langham is a volcanologist working at the Saint Marie Volcano Observatory. A gifted by flawed scientist, Daniel joined his brother, Stephen at the Saint Marie Volcano Observatory a year before the latter's death. A functioning drug addict, Daniel soon hit financial trouble and Stephen gave him 400 dollars a week to fund his habit. Daniel wanted it increased to 500 dollars a week, but his brother refused.

Victoria Baker came to Daniel with a plan. She had been offered 4 million dollars by Mayor Joseph Richards to persuade Stephen to sign off on moving the volcano exclusion zone several hundreds meters so that he could build a hotel on the beach. When she couldn't persuade him, Victoria resolved to kill Stephen so the some one else could sign off on the plan. She enlisted Daniel and Emer Byrne to suffocate Stephen in his room with carbon dioxide, then stage the murder to look like he had a heart attack walking up the volcano.