Lily, I'm going to knock off early if that's ok?
―Charlie Hulme
Fun. Not your typical Englishman. Charismatic.
―Lily Thomson

Charlie Hulme appears in 1:1 Arriving in Paradise. He is played by Hugo Speer.


Charlie Hulme was the Detective Inspector of the Honoré Police Station until his death. It is unknown when he moved to Saint Marie. He was researching James Lavender for human trafficking and had just found a book that would incriminate James and Sergeant Lily Thomson, James' partner in crime.

While searching for evidence in James' house he was noticed by James himself. Discovering his secret was found he grabbed a gun close by and shot at Charlie, fortunately missing him and hitting a vase. Charlie quickly locked himself in the panic room while James fled the scene.

A few moments later Charlie was discovered in the panic room by his partner Lily. As Lily was part of the scheme of human trafficking she shot him with a silenced gun. She swapped the book he was holding and informed the guests to ring an ambulance.

His death was investigated and solved by DI Richard Poole.


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