I'm half French.
―Camille Bordey

Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey appears in 30 episodes of Death in Paradise (1:1 Arriving in Paradise until 4:4 Until Death Do You Part and 10:5 until 10:6). She is played by Sara Martins.


Raised by her French mother Catherine Bordey in Saint Marie, Camille is a former undercover investigator, working on a case in Guadeloupe and on Saint Marie, before she was arrested during Richard Poole's first investigation on the island. She was assigned to the precinct because her cover was blown when she was arrested at the same time as a minor criminal. She is apparently highly decorated for her job and is regarded as the team's best investigator after Poole, often handling the computer side of things. Initially she and Poole did not get along, her French ancestry and openness about her emotions contrasting with Poole's highly repressed nature, however over time their relationship became a friendship and shows some hints of romantic interest. After Poole was murdered in 3:1 Death of a Detective she felt quite depressed. But then new detective Humphrey Goodman falls for her. He also experiences depression when she leaves for Paris.


Camille is intelligent, quick-witted and independent. She’s a natural chameleon, confident in any setting, and an instinctive detective. She has a wicked sense of humour and follows her intuition rather than procedure.

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