An Artistic Murder is the third episode of Series 3 of Death in Paradise.

The murder of a local gigolo brings DI Goodman and his team into contact with the social elite of Saint Marie. The case proves particularly hard-hitting for Fidel, as the death of his old school friend forces him to face up to some past mistakes.

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Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman and the team are called to investigate the death of an old school friend of Officer Fidel Best’s, Carlton Paris, who has been shot at his home. Last seen at an art viewing held at a gallery owned by connoisseur Leo Pascal, Carlton was in attendance with wealthy older woman, Dorothy Foster. Witnesses also claim to have seen Carlton having an altercation with Marc Campese, the owner of The Reef Club. With only a call from Carlton claiming that a woman was going to kill him to go on, Humphrey and the team start analysing their suspects.

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