A Deadly Curse is the fourth episode of Series 2 of Death in Paradise.

Camille attempts to persuade Richard to take an interest in the history and folklore of Saint Marie. Richard remains focused on work, but can an ancient legend help him and the team explain a mysterious double murder and a series of strange happenings in the tropical jungle?


On the island to track down the fabled buried treasure of the legendary pirate François Le Clerc are a group of treasure hunters: expedition leader Daniel Morgan, geologist Dr Ian Parks, Liz Curtis and Joel Maurice. Ian is brutally killed in Daniel's tent with a 300-year-old pistol. His death triggers a chain of accidents that appear to be targeted at Daniel.




Guest Stars

Music Played

  • A Who Say performed by Sly Dunbar
  • Sexy Boo performed by Trini Jacob
  • Wrong Gal performed by Red Plastic Bag
  • Carnival Again performed by Biggie Irie
  • Radica performed by Kenneth Salick


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